What is a BarCamp?! A BarCamp is an opportunity for you to actively present, share and participate. This is not the moment where you doze off but all are participating.

How does it work?

  1. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join: When you come, be prepared to share!

  2. It is active: no spectators, only participants. Come prepared to share your ideas, to give a presentation or demo.

  3. You decide what gets discussed: Everyone will propose a topic and can select their preferences - using – so the most popular topics will be presented.

  4. There will be two sessions:  First one on Saturday to learn and share, the second one on Sunday on future ideas.

  5. Continue the conversation: BarCamp isn’t over when everyone goes home. Keep the dialogue flowing with discussion groups and social media. #TVSeminar2019BarCamp


You and the rest of the audience decides! We will use Suggested topics related to interpreting on TV & media:

  • Interpreting emergencies and natural disasters on television

  • What to wear, and not to wear

  • Name signs, geographical signs: to sign or fingerspel?

  • Presenting the news in sign language

  • Interpreter, presentation, presenter, subtitles: how to best arrange all on one screen

  • Interpreting the news: ethical dilemma’s

  • Preparation and team work behind the screen

These are just suggestions. Other topics are more than welcome!

How does work?

Participants can select their preferred topics from the proposals, using a mobile app. The most popular topics appear on the top of the list.


Rule 1: Want to share? Come prepared!
Rule 2: Proposals of max. 100 characters (incl. space) to be submitted prior by a dedicated link
Rule 3: Audience decides who gets to present at the BarCamp slot using
Rule 4: Actual presentations are a maximum of 5 minutes
Rule 5: Five minutes, means 5 minutes! When your time is up, the next one has the stage.

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The seminar is organized in cooperation with Vilnius Rehabilitation Center of the Deaf (Lithuania) and Red Bee Media (UK).