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2nd EDbU Conference "Our Way to Equality in Europe”, Tampere, Finland

The European Deafblind Union conference “Our Way to Equality in Europe” will consist of Plenary Sessions, Workshop Sections as well as the 2nd Deafblind Women’s Forum and the 1st Deafblind Youth Forum as follows:

6th June 2017
Conference Participants Arrival

7th June 2017
Plenary Session 1 “Deafblind Objective: EU Legislation”
Workshops 1 “Identity = Red and White”,
Workshops 2 “Communication: Right or Luxury?”

8th June 2017
Plenary Session 2 “OF vs. FOR - Who is the real voice of the Deafblind?”
2nd Deafblind Women’s Forum
1st Deafblind Youth Forum

9th June 2017
Conclusion and Closing Session
Social Program

Final program and registration forms will be provided soon.

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