What do participants say about the trainings?

I’m quite honestly surprised at how much I learned in such a short time. Most surprising of all is the change in my mental state- I feel so much more confident. And I feel I now can see a way forward in terms of how to practice this kind of interpreting. I have a method to use in moving forward with these skills. Very positive. I’m looking very much forward to the follow up training!
Nice atmosphere, where it felt “safe” to be less than perfect. The two days where arranged in a way so that all of my insecurities where acknowledged, and I had a chance to work with it, but without making me feel stupid or not good enough.
I really liked that the atmosphere was relaxed and safe from the beginning. I felt “at home” right away which made it much easier for me to concentrate on learning.
It was very nicely structured, and a safe learning environment was build gradually. The exercises made sense to me, and was not all interpreting, but a good combination of theory and practical work.
I liked particularly the atmosphere - that it was a safe environment to practice and perhaps fail. You were a big part of establishing that safe feeling. Really enjoyed your teaching style.
I liked trying out my skills in a safe environment and building up skills gradually.
You are an awesome teacher/guide. I enjoyed the training very much, and have great respect for your knowledge and skills. I am looking forward to the next session!