Trainings & presentations for groups & individuals

Are you or your association in need for a training in a specific area or skill? I develop trainings on demand for sign language interpreters on a variety of subjects. My expertise is on interpreting in international settings, working with English and spoken language interpreters in a team, team interpreting, interpreting strategies and techniques, professional development, mentoring, as well as interpreter ethics. Training on other topics can be requested as well.

The training can be in any format, from a workshop or seminar to a discussion and round table.  The duration depends on the need and the request and can range from a few hours to several days or weeks.

I am a registered in the Netherlands as an independent CRKBO teacher/trainer, complying with the Quality Code for Teachers. As a registered CRKBO teacher my trainings are VAT exempt.

You can find an overview of past trainings here. Contact me if you are interested in a training on demand.