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International Conference Narratives of Immigration: Community interpreting as a right/rite of passage, Thessaloniki

  • Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center Thessaloniki Greece (map)

The Laboratory of Narrative Research and the Laboratory of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, with the support of AIIC Greece-Cyprus is organizing an annual symposium with the focus on the process of narrativising migrant displacement.

In recent years an unprecedented wave of immigrants has been flooding the countries of southern Europe. The problem of communicating their narratives to different state bodies (law enforcement and asylum authorities, courts, schools) has been a major issue for both the immigrants and the host countries. Community interpreting is the only channel through which these people can pass their stories to the host community, at moments that can prove catalytic for their lives and the lives of their families.

This symposium intends to explore this channel of communication from different perspectives. In different "rites of passages" - police interrogations, asylum hearings, court proceedings - interpreting gives these people a "right of passage" that will allow them to continue their lives.