AIIC Sign Language Network: why & what for?

Sign language interpreters working at conferences are welcome to join the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)! AIIC was founded in 1953 and has over 3000 members worldwide who work as interpreters in conferences. Thanks to the hard work of a working committee in AIIC, the AIIC Sign Language Network (SLN), in cooperation with efsli and WASLI, sign language interpreters are since 2012 welcome to join AIIC. 

Why is it important for sign language interpreters working at international conferences to join AIIC? As sign language interpreters we work alongside and in cooperation with our colleagues, spoken language interpreters. We have been lobbying to have our profession equally recognized as spoken language interpreters. Which means that when in the same conference setting we are receiving the same technical and professional support in order to carry out our tasks, as well as receiving equal pay. For example having access to all the documents, having headsets and extension cords, and a background screen for webcasting. Unfortunately this is still often not the case and contracting parties or organizers often are not aware of what we need to carry out our interpreting services.

This is why it is important that sign language interpreters become members of AIIC. To receive the equal treatment and recognition as spoken language interpreters working at conferences. Essential is that AIIC is the only official negotiating partner to the EU institutions, United Nations, Council of Europe and other international bodies. These international institutions have to comply with the AIIC agreement with their institution. You can find these agreements on the AIIC website. In order to ensure the agreements consider the specific requirements for sign language interpreters, sign language interpreters working at international conferences should become a member of AIIC.

If you are interesting in becoming a member of AIIC: send an email to contact (@)

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