'A Deaf Journey through Time' now available in English!

Henk Betten, a Deaf librarian, sums up a lifetime of reading and writing in this comprehensive volume of stories on Deafness. Drawing from world literature, including the Bible and the classics, as well as from his very personal experiences of being Deaf in a hearing world, Henk Betten has published a book on Deafness that ends up looking far into the future. See Henk's video here

First published in Dutch in 1998, 'A Deaf Journey through Time' ends up looking forward to a more promising future. As we have stepped into the 21st century, where technology keeps opening up new opportunities, it is even possible to imagine a world where Deafness is not an obstacle at all. For now, such a future might still be a dream but it is crucial to cherish such dreams. More info >

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