Interpreting services

A sign language interpreter is the communication link between sign language users and persons who do not know sign language. Through professional interpreting services a deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing person can access employment, education, and daily life activities. The skills and expertise of each interpreter varies and it is important that the interpreter can meet the demands of the job and the client. I can provide interpreting services within a large range of skills and coordinate interpreters for event. 

Working with an interpreter 


Continuous education is essential for sign language interpreters. Interpreters can gain further expertise in specific settings, such as conferences, higher education or healthcare, but also enhancing their skills in areas such as teamwork, problem solving and ethics. I develop and offer trainings (inter)nationally specific to your needs and demands.

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The profession of sign language interpreting is rapidly developing. Educational programs, organizations and governments need to be informed of these changes in order to incorporate these best practices. I offer consultancy services ranging from reviews of programs to information on best practices on interpreting services and solutions for accessibility issues.

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